Eleni Yiangou

IT Supervisor & Business Solutions Analyst


Eleni is at the helm of GZG Law Firm's digital transformation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to align IT strategies with overall objectives. Her commitment is to propel the IT Department towards a "Legal-Geek" future, ensuring efficiency and innovation within the legal sector. Eleni directs all aspects of IT operations, including infrastructure planning, user support, coordination of external vendor projects, spearheading digital transformation initiatives, and managing the procurement process within departmental budgets.

IT operations
User Support
Vendor projects
Business Analysis

Master's Degree in Education, Leadership, and Management from the Cyprus International Institute of Management.
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Leeds.
Cisco CCNA Academic (Routing & Switching).
Microsoft Power BI (for Analyzing and Visualizing Data).
Certified Training Professional (ECDL - CTP).
Certified NLP Trainer (Neuro-Linguistic Programming Train the Trainer).