George Z. Georgiou  Associates’ IP & Media clients include individuals, artists, TV celebrities, musicians, distributers, companies, municipalities, banks, international software companies.  We also have extensive experience in Corporate law and Competition law and are therefore able to fully support corporate clients in all IP and media related matters.  We are the sole Cypriot member of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance, GALA.

Our Services

  • The registration and protection of domain names; brand management (e.g. clearance searches for brand names, advising on advertising campaigns)
  • The protection of IP rights relating to trademarks, patents, copyright and industrial design in Cyprus and the EU
  • Dispute resolution services (litigation, arbitration and mediation) relating to any IP issue before all courts in Cyprus
  • The Registrar of Trademarks and the European Union Intellectual Property Office
  • The drafting and negotiation of IP related contracts and transactions

Cost Effectiveness

Our policy on fee quotes is to be realistic and reasonable in our assessment of the clients’ requirements. Towards this objective, we follow a transparent fee quote policy. It is extremely important to us to ensure that the client is satisfied with our services and quality of response at all times.

About us

George Z. Georgiou & Associates LLC is an award-winning, Cypriot law firm undertaking work in the fields of: Arbitration; Banking & Compliance; Commercial; Corporate & Tax; Employment & Pensions; Intellectual Property & Media; Litigation & International Commercial Litigation; Real Estate & Construction; and all other areas of Cypriot civil law.